bed with led lights

The Alexander Double Bed With Led Lights Headboard

£519.00 GBP


Why Choose A L`AMOUR Frame Bed?

Our Alexander Multi Panels Bed With Led Lights Comes with Builtin LED Light installed in the headboard which provides a great luxury look in your bedroom. The Alexander Oversized Led Lights For  Headboard Multi Panels on top is an exciting addition to our ever-growing range. This innovative design will transform any bedroom into a luxurious cozy spot for sleeping, Constructed using only top-quality materials and handmade in the UK by professional craftsmen, Our Beds are not only luxurious but are long-lasting too.

it transforms your entire bedroom into a sanctuary of tranquility. The Light Led Bed, strategically embedded in multi-panels, provides a soft, warm glow, creating an inviting atmosphere for relaxation and intimacy. Elevate your bedroom aesthetics with this modern touch that combines functionality and style seamlessly.

Why We're Great

At L`AMOUR, we understand the importance of a great night's sleep. So we handcraft the perfect night's sleep in the UK using solid hardwood sourced from sustainable forests, and luxurious materials in a gorgeous selection of colours and fabrics so no matter your décor, you can choose the perfect hue just for you. We are so confident in our beds & mattresses that we offer a 14-day return policy.


All L`AMOUR Led Headboard Bed are customizable, and as standard your bed will come with a beautiful  54" high floor-standing headboard unless you choose Custom Height from Options.

The Alexander Double Bed With LED lights installed in the headboard


Extra 30cm On Each Side For Extended Panels

Single 3.0ft 240cm 96cm
small double 4.0ft 240cm 127cm
Double 4.6ft 240cm 142cm
King-size 5.0ft 250cm 157cm
Super king 6.0ft 250cm