Ariana Panels Bed Headboard With LED Lights

£350.00 GBP


Why Choose A L`AMOUR Frame Bed?

Our Ariana Panels Led Light Bed Frame Comes with built-in LED Light installed in the headboard which provides a great luxury look in your bedroom. The Ariana Panels in top-quality is an exciting addition to our ever-growing range. This innovative design will transform any bedroom into a luxurious cozy spot for sleeping, Constructed using only top-quality materials and handmade in the UK by professional craftsmen, our Bed Led are not only luxurious but are long-lasting too.

Our revolutionary Designer Beds seamlessly integrates LED lighting into the headboard, creating an ambience that transforms your bedroom into a sanctuary of elegance. Crafted with precision, each panel emits a soft and enchanting glow, setting the perfect mood for relaxation or intimate moments. Elevate your bedroom aesthetic with this exquisite blend of functionality and style.

Why We're Great

At L`AMOUR, we understand the importance of a great night's sleep. So we handcraft the perfect night's sleep in the UK using solid hardwood sourced from sustainable forests, and luxurious materials in a gorgeous selection of colours and fabrics so no matter your décor, you can choose the perfect hue just for you. We are so confident in our beds & mattresses that we offer a 14-day return policy.


All L`AMOUR Led Single Bed are customizable, and as standard your bed will come with a beautiful  54" high floor-standing headboard unless you choose Custom Height from Options.

Ariana Panels Bed Headboard With Lights


Single 3.0ft 240cm 96cm
small double 4.0ft 240cm 127cm
Double 4.6ft 240cm 142cm
King-size 5.0ft 250cm 157cm
Super king 6.0ft 250cm